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  • Feb
    The First Day of School in 2017

    On February 20, with the ringing of the school bell, CSU welcomed its first school day of the new semester. The hustle and bustle returned to student apartments,the dining halls,

  • Oct
    The 17th Track and Field Meet

    On October 21, The 4th Comprehensive Sports Games and 17th Track and Field Meet of CSU was held. The following two and a half days saw 899 athletes compete in such items as high ju

  • Sep
    Achievement Report of 2016 Freshmen’s Military Training

    On the morning of September 23, the Achievement Report and Summary and Award Ceremony of CSU’s 2016 Freshmen’s Military Training was held at the stadium of the New Campus. Mor

  • Sep
    CSU Welcomes Thousands of New Students

    September 2-3 were the days when CSU welcomed its new students. This year, CSU embraced a total of 14030 new students, including 8201 undergraduates, 4781 postgraduates and 1048 do

  • Jun
    2016 Graduation Ceremony for 13794 CSU Students (Group Photos)

    On June 22, the 2016 Graduation and Diploma Awarding Ceremony for 13794 graduates of this year was grandly held in the stadium of the New Campus.