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A Visit to South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya by A Delegation Led by Tian Hongqi

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2018-11-29 08:49:24.0

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In order to connect the "one belt and one road" initiative and implement the spirit of the 2018 China Africa summit "win-win cooperation and build closer ties between China and Africa", we will build a global strategic partnership network of Central South University, expand cooperation channels with African institutions of higher learning and Chinese enterprises, and promote Sino African cultural exchanges and school enterprise cooperation. President of CSU,  Tian Hongqi, led a delegation to South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya from November 18 to 26 for a nine-day working visit.

Tian Hongqi and her  delegation visited the University of Cape Town, South Africa, the University of Johannesburg, the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and the University of Nairobi in Kenya, and met with representatives of the University of Pretoria in South Africa. According to the principle of mutual benefit and common development, Tian Hongqi signed memorandums of cooperation with Johannesburg University and Nairobi University respectively, reached consensus on cooperation with Cape Town University, Dar es Salaam University and Pretoria University to accelerate cooperation in student exchange, teacher exchanges, cooperative scientific research and international projects.




During the visit, Tian Hongqi also met with Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian, Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Wang Ke, Chinese charge d'affaires Li Xuhang in Kenya, former Prime Minister Salim Ahmed Salim of Tanzania and Minister of Mining of Tanzania. In addition, Tian Hongqi and her  delegation were invited to meet with the South African International Resources Corporation of China Energy Storage Group to reach preliminary cooperation intentions. They visited the Cape Town Light Rail Project Line of China, Turkey and South Africa Company on the spot to learn about the light rail cooperation projects. They met with the general manager of Tanzania Railway Corporation, inspected the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Station of China-Turkey East Africa Company, and learned about the operation of Tanzania-Zambia Railway and the upgrade and renovation of Tanzania-Zambia Railway. They listened to reports from China, Turkey and Kenya companies to understand the needs of overseas construction and development of enterprises for professional training at home and abroad.

Heads and experts of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, School of Civil Engineering, Nursing School and the School of Mineral Processing and Bioengineering were accompanied by visits.