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A Solo Concert Held at the Carnegie Concert Hall in the US by Shi Jian, a Doctoral Student in CSU

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Updated: 2018-10-31 16:27:06.0

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On the evening of October 26, American Eastern Time, Shi Jian, a doctoral candidate in orthopaedics from the Third Xiangya Hospital in CSU, successfully held a piano solo concert of "Sino-American New Voice" at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York. In the concert hall, there were plenty of lights and seats, and a music feast combining Chinese and Western music won the audience's endless applause.


"Sino-American New Sound" Shijian Piano Solo Concert is the first solo concert held by Chinese medical students in Carnegie Hall. It was  co-directed by Central South University, Cornell University and Julia Conservatory of Music. It has received support from the Chinese Consulate General in New York, the National Fund for Studying Abroad, and the Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association and obtained the special cooperation by NewPath Diagnostics.

A week before the concert, the Nasdaq and Thomson Reuters screens, which are at the heart of Times Square in New York, began to broadcast the concert's propaganda uninterruptedly, which attracted wide attention.


The concert is composed of ten contemporary works from China and the United States. The track is arranged with novelty and ingenuity. There are not only classical Concertos from China and the United States, "Yellow River Piano Concerto" and "Rhapsody in Blue", but also contemporary works from China and the United States, such as C. Theofanidis's new work "Troubleshooter" and Tan Dun's "Memories of Eight Watercolor Paintings". There are two world premieres: one is Shi Jian's "Two Reading Affections" (Cross Creek/Walden Lake) for Carnegie Hall and the other is the concert Etude "North-northwest" by American composer B. Herman. During the break, Zhang Zhehao, a student of Shijian, played the Chinese Suite "Painting of Bashu" and the American Suite "Cat and Mouse".

After the last song of the second half, "Yellow River Piano Concerto", Shijian added Hunan folk song "Liuyang River" to the cheers of the audience.

After the performance, the Chinese audience on the spot said, "The magnificent melody and momentum of Yellow River make our heart surge, and we can hear the voice of our motherland overseas, which is very touching and exciting."

Shi Jian said, “On the most famous mainstream stage in the United States, playing Chinese and American classics and contemporary works can not only better reflect the world expression of Chinese culture, but also express the fusion and convergence of Sino-American new voices, showing the style of contemporary music and cultural image with more global value. I hope that I can better display the style of the students from CSU on the international stage, and continue to contribute to the friendly relations and cultural exchanges between China and the United States through the sonata of Sino-US New Sound”.