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National University Dragon and Lion Championship won by CSU International Student Dragon Dance Team

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2018-07-17 10:46:40.0

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On July 13th, the eleventh Chinese college dragon dance and Lion Dance Championships were launched at Guangxi Normal University, and more than a thousand students in 56 colleges and universities from all over the country were competing in the games of the teaching of double dragons, the prescribed routine and the optional routine of lions from north to south within 4 days. The International Student Dragon Dancing Team of CSU participated in the optional routine competition of the International Student Group and won the gold medal with 8.24 points.


The international student dragon dance team of CSU, founded in September 2015, has more than 20 members and has achieved a second prize in the Tenth National University Championships. 10 international students are from Benin, Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Mongolia, Gabon and  six other countries. Although there are great differences in language and culture among the players, their love for the traditional Chinese sport Dragon dance is not affected. Before the competition, international students and the CSU Dragon lions team conducted a month of centralized training to cultivate the feelings between Chinese and foreign players, and set up a deep brotherhood. The success of the Dragon Dance Team of CSU reflects the charm of traditional Chinese culture and the harmonious coexistence and blending of Chinese and foreign cultures.