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School Opening Ceremony for the New Students of Class 2017

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-09-15 10:25:27.0

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On September 11, CSU held an opening ceremony in the New Campus stadium for new students of 2017. 8352 undergraduate students, 5944 graduate students and 1106 candidates for doctoral degree degree gathered at the foot of Yuelu Mountain, embarking on a new journey with words from their teachers.


University leaders like Gao Wenbing, Tian Hongqi, Chen Zhiya, Chen Chunyang, Zhou Kechao, Zhu Xuehong, Guo Xueyi, Huang Jianling, directors of CSU departments, deans, special guest Timothy, Billiar, who is USA National Academy member, professor of University of Pittsburgh, winner of Chinese Friendship Scholarship and Foreign Expert of CSU, teacher representatives, parent representatives, senior representatives as well as 15402 new students attended the ceremony, which was held by standing vice president Hu Yuehua.


What an unknown but magical journey would college life be! Chai Xiaoya, a student from Xiangya Nursing School exclaimed. I have seen starry morning of CSU at 3am and I have breathed the cold air at 5 am, she shared her experience. As a senior student, she urged the new students that, Good learning habits, proper plan and lasting perseverance will save you a lot of time and navigate you through the sea of trouble.


Zhang Chuannan, who comes from the School of Information Science and Engineering, made a solemn promise on behalf of the new undergraduate students. He promised that, We would combine our own dream with Chinese dream and carry out concrete actions to achieve them. We will make hard work as the engine of our youth and improved skills as sails to tomorrow.  Zhang Zhuo, a new graduate student representative, cited the school motto and put it that, We are now cute and exuberant. In the future, we will  be a powerful new force in technological creation, contributing our own share to build CSU into a world class university. During our graduate program, we will  surely stick to our learning, exploration, prudence and responsibility so that CSU can have another glorious chapter.


Led by Professor Xue Min from the third Xiangya Hospital, new students from Xiangya School of Medicine made a solemn promise.

Professor Ji Xiaobo from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering extended a welcome and congratulation to the new students on behalf of CSU faculty. He held it that attitude is everything, urging new students to adjust to their new role as soon as possible. He hoped that new students could face academic challenges and daily problems with a positive attitude and avail themselves with opportunities provided by the university, through which they can enhance their problem management ability, courage and self-confidence. 



Special guest, Mr Timothy Billiar expressed his welcome and encouragement to new students. He mentioned that, in CSU, you can find good examples easily. Hence, we should seize this opportunity and strive for the one that we want to be. He added that, you are the generation that can create a better future for the world. I hope that you can live a desirable life after this vital turn in your life. Wish you a good future ahead.



At the end of the ceremony, President Tian Hongqi delivered a speech themed Polish your youth at CSU. She recalled that, she came to CSU with her dream 40 years before, just like the new students present. . Now, the forty years has changed the surroundings and she was here again, as a teacher, a president. She was here to address the new students, telling them that CSU is a book with profound meanings. It is a book that you can have new discoveries every time you open it and a book that you can have your own continuations.


President Tian Hongqi explained that this is a university with a long history and its unique scenery. Generations of masters and experts have been turned out from this institution, which is overwhelming with opportunities and entrepreneurship. At this new starting point, you can decide the way ahead of you. Only through life-long learning and continuous improvement can you live up to the expectation coming with your youth, your university and your country.

Moreover, President Tian Hongqi expected that the new students can shoulder their responsibility, exert their great potential and be self-restrained. They are supposed to practice with their creativity in researches and fulfill their dreams in the future. She held the belief that the new students will inherit CSU spirits and embrace remarkable improvement. They are believed to set new records for CSU and make their polished youth shine here.