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The Best Ever Performance of CSU Men's and Women's Basketball Teams

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-06-21 09:26:54.0

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On June 14, the CUBA Men’s Final of 2017 concluded in Changsha. The CSU Men’s Basketball team was finally defeated by the team of Beijing University and came to the second place. In the women’s game, which ended earlier, CSU outperformed Renmin University of China, winning the third place. Both the men’s team and the women’s team made a historical record. Yao Ming, new President of CBA was  present at the event to cheer for the game.


The basketball team of CSU recruited Bai Jiang, former national champion and reputable player as the coach in the end of 2011. Thereafter, over the five years after the establishment of the high level basketball team, both men’s and women’s team have grown from nothing to a giant. In particular, this year, both teams made it to the final four, which was the first time for the women’s team and the second time for the men’s team.


On the evening of June 12, the semifinal for men saw CSU beat Zhejiang University 75-87, winning a place in the CUBA final for the first time. Now confronted with the strong team of Beijing University, though at the home court, the men’s basketball team took a long time to get into the groove and lost it to the counterpart 68-81. As for the women’s team, CSU was defeated by Tsinghua University on June 12. But on the day after, CSU beat Renmin University of China 86-58 and won the third place.