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48 Projects of CSU Won Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Award

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-06-01 15:13:54.0

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Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Award and Innovation Award Conference was convened at the People’s Hall on May 18, during which 39 winners of the first Hunan Provincial Innovation Award, 205 Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Award winners, and 51 sectors and scientific and technological workers whom the Hunan Patent Awards went to, received their awards accordingly. At the same time, Tan Weihong, Fei Jianghua, Li Xibing, and Liu Shaojun were awarded the 10th Hunan Guangzhao Science and Technology Award. Hu Yuehua, Standing Vice President of CSU attended the conference with representatives of award winners.


On the list of winners of the first innovation prize, the Innovative Product went to the transparent computing system terminal, which was co-developed by the team from CSU led by Zhang Yaoxue, academician of Chinese Academy of Science and New Cloudnet Technology Corporation Limited. Besides, “Research and Application of Heavy Metal Pollution Control Technology in Xiangjiang River Basin” by Professor Chai Liyuan and his team as well as “Research and Application of Precise Eugenics Technology through Genetic Sequencing” by Professor Lin Ge and his team won the Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation.

Last year, CSU had 44 projects included on the list of winners of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Award. These projects involve fields ranging from biomedicine, transportation construction, resource development, high-end manufacturing, new energy, new materials and so on, registering a great contribution to Hunan’s economic development, health care and social progress. Of the 44 projects, 27, including 7 first prize winners, had CSU as the first working body. It is noticeable that medical projects account for more than half of CSU’s first prize winners, representing a flourishing situation with a good momentum.