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A Survey in CSU by Xu Zhanbin, Deputy Director of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-02-23 14:47:59.0

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On the afternoon of February 22, Xu Zhanbin, Deputy Director of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense came to CSU for a survey. He visited the Research Platform of engineering high-performance Aluminum Alloy, the State Key Laboratory of Powder Metallurgy and the Research Center of Superalloy to understand the research and development as well as the major accomplishments of CSU in the field of non-ferrous metals. CSU leaders led by Zhou Kechao accompanied him during the investigation.


At the Research Platform of engineering high-performance aluminum alloy,   Academician Zhong Jue introduced technical features and advantages of the forging process of light alloy, as well as innovative technologies like ultrasonic agitating welding, isothermal extruding with closed-loop control of temperature-extrusion velocity on industrial aluminum profile, and accurate ageing controlling of temperature and pressure. She also demonstrated tens of alloy structures of different sizes and shapes, which are applicable to aviation, transportation and fields alike. After inquiring about the innovation and the independent research and development of CSU’s non-ferrous metals, Xu gave some constructive suggestions on its future development. He pointed out that CSU’s advantages of technological innovation in non-ferrous metals should be better united with the development of non-ferrous metal resources as well as the material industry in Hunan Province. He underlined that we should strengthen original innovation, integrate civil purposes into military purposes while keeping military-oriented and following the path of innovative development, so that we will manage to create a highland of innovation and push domestic non-ferrous metal development to a new height.


At the State Key Laboratory of Powder Metallurgy, Vice President Zhou Kechao presented the development course, the research orientation and the achievement of the lab. He also elaborated on the status quo of the lab’s research and technological accomplishments like aircraft brake pad, aircraft undercarriage and powder metallurgical material, all of which are applied to aviation. In addition, Xu visited the  Research Center of Superalloy for getting an understanding of its critical manufacturing crafts, secondary development and the percentage of its quality products. He approved CSU’s endeavor to study the blade of stand-alone engine and encouraged CSU to improve the proficiency of its cast to a world class.


After the visit, President Zhang Yaoxue met with Deputy Director Xu Zhanbin at the No.1 meeting room of the First Office Building, and held a panel discussion on the survey.