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New Year Party for International Students: Fate Gathers Us in CSU Where We Start a New Chapter

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2016-12-29 16:46:23.0

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On December 26, the New Year Party for international students, sponsored by  International Exchange and Cooperation Office and organized by Business School of CSU, was held at the Hall of South Campus. The party was themed fate gathers us in CSU where there is a new start, and successfully demonstrated the culture both western and Chinese cultures bloom and both foreign and domestic students rejoice. Bai Yi, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Tong Kana, Deputy Secretary of the School League Committee attended the party and celebrated the new year with international students.




The party was divided into 3 chapters: Winds over the World, Oriental Classics, Time Corridor and included various programs, such as the aboriginal dance Passionate Africa, the suite dance by Asian students Falling in Love with India and Happy Wan Ok Phansa”, the fashion show by international students and domestic students from Business School of CSU Unparalleled Charm, the sand painting by Thinkmore Media Fate Gathers Us in CSU and so forth. All the fabulous programs ignited the enthusiasm of the international students, who waved their glow sticks with excitement.

A Yemeni student sang praises to programs in the party and said that the comic dialogue Students Around the World Gather in CSU was his favorite program, and it gave him a chance to experience the interestingness of Chinese, which made him very happy. A female student from Angola said: Although I cannot be with my family, CSU surprises me a lot and the party tonight gives me warmth.