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Over 80 Overseas Students Visit Xiaoxiang: Experiencing the Charm of Its Traditional Culture and Latest Technologies

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2016-10-19 09:21:24.0

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 “The weekend is extremely meaningful, because I have seen many different aspects of China: paddies, fireworks and the maglev. I am a first-year graduate student majoring in international relations. I hope to introduce China’s good stuff to my country by my efforts.” said Allah from Yemen.

On October 15-16, over 80 overseas students of such universities as Central South University, Hunan University, Hunan Normal University, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan University, etc. from 30 countries went to Liuyang and Zhuzhou to attend the social experience activity “Perceiving Charming Xiaoxiang, China” for understanding  Chinese traditional culture and latest technologies.


Longping Rice Museum, located in Changsha, demonstrates the age-old Chinese rice-growing culture and agriculture civilization to the overseas students by virtue of high-tech means consisting of 240 degree holography, phantom image the same size as a real man, animation, etc. Outside of the museum is the terraced field where varieties of rice grow from top to bottom, arousing curiosity in the students. “I have seen rice in my country, but it is the first time for me to see that many varieties of hybrid rice.” said Bentley from Laos.

Dayao Town is known as “hometown of fireworks”, where Li Tian, “father of fireworks”, invented the embryo fireworks. Now Dayao Town is well-known for its fireworks, as well as its rapid pace in turning itself to a new socialist countryside. The students made in-depth exchanges with the villagers in Nanshan Village, Dayao Town. Li Shixiang, from Vietnam struck by the new look of the village, exclaimed that the countryside in Vietnam was far less beautiful. “The tour guide told that the fireworks set off in the Opening Ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were produced in Liuyang. And I have watched the extremely beautiful fireworks display in Orange Island, Changsha. However, I have never seen their production process, and this tour has shown me the magic of fireworks.” said Wang Keli from Mali Empire.


Sany Group, founded in 1994, freed people from the traditional “technology phobia”. The company’s adherence to independent innovation contributed to its rapid rise. It has seized the opportunity in the reform of intelligent manufacturing and internet of things, and become the leader of the industry again by positively facilitating and vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing. The students saw the grand production line of Sany Group where there were assembled trucks and trucks being assembled. “It is the first time for me to see so big an assembly line. I hope that I can be employed by the company and experience China’s new science and technology after I finish my study on business administration.” said Zhang Ji from Kyrghyzstan.

The students viewed an extraordinary aerobatic flight in Hunan Sunward Technology co,. LTD: the plane “Arora” accomplished a series of acrobatics including downthrust, chandelle, somersault, barrel roll, etc. The students were all overwhelmed with admiration. Assad, from Dubai expressed his love for the performance, “The most drastic movement of the plane I have experienced is its toss when encountering turbulence. I have never had such a close look at a looping plane .”


Most of the overseas students took the maglev train for the first time, so they felt curious and excited. Mu Ruisi, from Yemen enjoyed the intoxicating scenery along the way. He said, “It takes only 20 minutes from the airport to the south train station. It’s really fast. Going somewhere becomes convenient for us and we can enjoy the scenery outside when taking the train.” Changsha meglev train is the first medium and low speed maglev train in China which was independently designed, manufactured, constructed and administrated. It boasts such advantages as strong climbing capacity, smooth running, and small swerving radius. It helps realize seamless connection between Huanghua airport and high-speed rail station, an 18km journey needing only 20 minutes.

The overseas students learned both new development in China’s traditional industry and beauty of science and technologies in its new industries during the two-day tour. They realized China’s innovation from rice, quality from Sany Group, development from Dayao Town, height from Hunan Sunward Technology co., LTD, and speed from the meglev train. “During the tour, I have seen something new, made many friends, seen rice different with that of India, entered a large enterprise and closely watched the plane for the first time. There are lots of meaningful first times. I hope to attend such activity in the future.” said Ma Deli, from India.