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A Graduation Trip of Foreign Students to Guilin

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2016-06-13 09:49:37.0

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"I want to see the scenery of twenty yuan!” Cindy from Mozambique said excitedly. “The oriental culture is of magic!” David from Mexico exclaimed. “The sight of the stone tablets will take you into a museum”, Li Zhaoyan from South Korea told us. Yes, they were excited about the graduation trip for the overseas students in CSU.


On June 3, namely only 17 days before their graduation, the foreign students from different countries and regions, with different colors and different cultures, set out upon the graduation trip with the same purpose of creating an exclusive memory for the upcoming graduation and putting the several-year life in CSU to a perfect end.


It was the second time for David from Mexico to visit Guilin and the Lijiang River after his first trip here 9 years ago. With new expectations and fresh experience, he still looked excited at boarding an excursion boat around the Lijiang River. What he and others wanted to see most is the “scenery of twenty yuan” in Cindy’s eyes, that’s the Lijiang River Scenic Spot, which is a karst scenery tour area of the largest scale and the most beautiful scenery in the world that its Xanadu-like scenery has fascinated countless men of letters for thousands of years. “Huangbu Daoying” , one of the scenic spots, is well-known for it was selected pattern on the back side of RMB 20 yuan. David said, “It is rare to see landscape on the printed money (national currency) and hard to see a scenery on RMB since China is so big. That’s why I am so excited and astonished. Although it is the second time I came here, there still have expectations and excitement.” when the boat traveled here, they all came to the deck. Cindy couldn’t wait to take out the twenty-yuan RMB and recorded a video for herself, which she regarded as a very special memento.




Apart from the Lijiang River landscape, what David marveled at more was karst cave wonder of the world---Yinzi Cave. Yinzi Cave, a typical karst landform running through 12 peaks, is a floor-type cave, inside of which encompasses stalactites of different ages and born from different geological conditions, glittering like silver. Stalactites of various shapes and sizes gradually have their own forms and charm after the tempering of nature. As one of the typical karst landforms in the world, the Yinzi Cave brings the students unconscious visual impact. Based on the shapes of stones, a lot of landscapes including the Huaqing Pool Yang Guifei(one of the Four Beauties in ancient China) bathed in and “Magic Stone” Sun Wukong was stuck in carry China’s history and culture. At the end of the tour, David said, “ I am deeply impressed by nature when I saw such a beautiful natural landscape for the first time. Through the explanation, I heard some amazing historical facts and stories of ancient China. Although there are some I cannot understand very well, it still helps me to learn about  cultural origin of the Chinese people.” Besides, Munir said, “The oriental culture and Chinese landscape are incredible.” Indeed, it is a perfect combination and experience to ramble in the beautiful landscape and to roam in the time-honored Chinese culture.





In addition to the Lijiang mountains and rivers, the Elephant Trunk Hill also seasoned the trip of David. The Elephant Trunk Hill, named after its shape that resembles an elephant standing on the riverside and stretching its trunk to booze water of the Lijiang River, is known as a token of the Guilin landscape. During the tour, the temperature reached 32 degrees Celsius. It was very difficult to climb mountains at so high a temperature despite the Elephant Trunk Hill is not high. At the time of free viewing, David and his Korean friend Li Zhaoyan decided to reach the peak to  overlook the River. “It is a pity that I didn’t climb to the top 9 years ago. So I am sure to make it in spite of the heat and tiredness.” David said to Li Zhaoyan. His idea infected many friends to choose to top the hill with him. They enjoyed the joy of climbing together and detachment of overlooking the River. Li Zhaoyan said, that the cool on the hill and the beautiful scenery she saw on the top made her feel it a very worthy choice of topping the hill, and it was also an unforgettable experience of pleasant exchanges on the top.