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Experience-seeking by Fifteen Vascular Surgeons from Latin America in the 2nd Xiangya Hospital

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-09-04 10:04:48.0

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 On August 23, 15 vascular experts, 13 from Argentina and 2 from the Dominican Republic, came to the 2nd Xiangya Hospital. Professor Shu Chang from the vascular surgery department, Chairman of Chinese National Society of Vascular Surgery conducted ward rounds and surgery case study with his teammates, opening 7 intracavitary aorta repair operations and a complex iliac artery tumor removal operation.



At the end of the program, Professor Shu Chang and Zhou Zhiguang, Secretary of the Hospital’s Party Committee accredited training certificate to the delegation, which came after the two South American delegations in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


Actually, professor Shu Chang is the first expert to report minimally invasive therapy of chimney graft for aortic dissection. He successfully impressed the world with rich clinical experience and good efficacy. Hence, he and his work team have been invited to many places around the world to share their experience while many doctors and experts have also been drawn to China to seek a lesson.


“Truth always lies in practice. With adequate clinical experience, we have come a long way in vascular surgery during the recent years, especially in intracavitary vascular surgery. That’s why those foreign experts come here to seek a lesson while South America is the cradle of vascular intracavitary skill.” According to Shu, the vascular surgery department of the 2nd Xiangya Hospital has performed over 380 Endovascular surgeries last year alone and the morality and complication rate are far lower than the international level. In this August, Professor Shu also signed academic cooperation memorandum with St. Paul Institute of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Argentina Society of Vascular and Cardiovascular Surgery, as well as Argentina Society of Cardiovascular Surgery at the 2nd Chinese Vascular Congress.


With the “Belt and Road” policy, China has grown stronger in national strength, enabling an increasing number of doctors to go abroad with their good proficiency and rich experience. On the one hand, it shows the world our rapid growth in medicine. And on the other, it will attract more experts from countries along the “Belt and Road” to come to China for learning and sharing.