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Gratuitous Treatment in Sierra Leonean Country by Medical Assistance Team from the Second Xiangya Hospital

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-05-15 15:32:54.0

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On May 6 local time in Sierra Leone, the medical assistance team from the Second Xiangya Hospital gave a one-day gratuitous treatment in the remote mountainous region of Bocheng, 300 kilometers away from the medical station. A batch of medicines and subsistence goods were also denoted to local clinics and children respectively.


The very site was located near a public clinic. Far away from good medical conditions in the capital city of Freetown, patients there do not have easy access to medical services. Hence, learning the news of the arrival of Chinese experts, local residents arrived there in advance.





Presently, Sierra Leone undergoes transition from the dry season to the rainy season, when malaria is prevalent. Chen Xinrui, a doctor from the clinical lab of the medical team examined all suspicious cases and conducted systemic drug treatment for those clinically diagnosed with malaria. In addition, lectures on mosquito controlling and killing as well as malaria-fighting were delivered by Dr. Liang Jun from the infectious disease department.

A child with acute cellulitis in the left eye lid then needed a three-day transfusion. Nurse Liu Yaomiao gave him a skin test and an intravenous infusion, after which the needle was indwelled in the vein for subsequent transfusion. She also instructed the head nurse in these techniques on the spot.




The gratuitous treatment was well received among local medical workers as well as local residents. Staff in the clinic expressed their hope to work in Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital rebuilt by China and local residents sang sincere thanks for China.