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Chinese Experiences Shared Again in South America by Professor Shu Chang, a Prestigious Doctor from Xiangya Hospital

From CSU News Center

Updated: 2017-04-26 11:42:59.0

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Recently, Professor Shu Chang, Prestigious Doctor and Head of Vascular Surgery Department of the Second Xiangya Hospital gave five academic reports at the main venue of CICE 2017 and demonstrated a complex aortic endovascular stent repair at a local hospital, which was accessible to vascular surgeons worldwide through broadcast. As the only Chinese member of the CICE presidium in the four consecutive years, Professor Shu Chang attended consultations on intractable cases and conducted lectures in Brazilian hospitals, offering experiences on vascular surgery, especially on aortic endovascular stent treatment.
South America is the birthplace of the endovascular technique for Aortic treatment. In particular, as a major member of the BRICS, Brazil plays a significant role in international vascular surgery. By now, CICE, held in Brazil annually, has become one of the worldwide greatest academic meetings in this field.


It is learned that the delegation of expert vascular surgeons from South America (mainly from Brazil) came to the Second Xiangya Hospital for learning in May and August 2016 respectively. Professor Shu Chang together with his team performed several endovascular surgery demonstrations, winning great appreciation from South American experts with their generous experience sharing.